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We use it to cure stomachic ulcer and coccidiosis from ancient times.

Dear Enquirer!

  Let me introduce you an unlearnt vitamin.


  It is generally known, that the regeneration of the cells in childhood is fast and well. This quick and complete cell-regeneration is something that everybody surely wants to observe, or reserve.


  The taking of the vitamin-U is suggested as a course of treatment for a month, two, three, or four times in a year. The dosage of the 300 mg capsule is the next: one capsule once or twice a day while eating, or on a full stomach.

  Furthermore, the taking of the U-vitamin is suggested preparatory and proceed to surgical interventions to promote the cell-regeneration, and escape the inflammation.

  According to our observations, the taking of the vitamin-U reduces the regeneration time of the tissual injuries. The cell- regeneration speeds up also in the ages of fifty and sixty, when the organism daily gets 300 mg vitamin-U at least.

  The vitamin-U is water-soluble, therefore the body can’t keep it for a long time and that’s why we have to refund it at regular intervals, when we want to keep the fast regeneration of our organism.

Do you know, what the vitamin-U deficiency occurs?

  Mucous membrane problems can step up and these problems lead up to stomachic ulcer and coccidiosis. When the intestine system is inflamed, it brings the immune system down. The toxins pile up easier. The cell regeneration can reduce.

It’s easier to prevent the illness, than cure it!

It is generally known, that with taking vitamins we can prevent the illness, or at least reduce the chance to be ill.

With taking the vitamin-U we can prevent the following problems:

  It prevents the inflammation of the intestine system, the developing of ulcers, and helps the immune system to work constantly and correct. It helps the liver’s detoxification. It prevents the inflammation of other interior organs. It helps the cells to retain their youthful fast regeneration.

The effects of the vitamin-U course of treatment:
- Corrects the failures of the immune system
- Improves the cell regeneration
- Boosts the weakened organism
- Prevents, or rather helps to stop the inside and outside inflammations
- Helps the scarless vanishing of the outside and inside ulcers
- Acts favorably for the inchoate diabetes, and pancreas inflammation 
- Helps to weaken alcohol-and drug addiction
- Boosts the detoxification functions of the organism
- Impedes the development of stomachic ulcer and coccidiosis
- Helps to defeat the bacterial illnesses of the outside organs of copulation
- Helps to treat hemorrhoids problems
- Eases the symptoms of the Creutzfeld-Jacobs disease

  *According to the law, as the vendor of the product we don’t have the liberty to claim that vitamin-U is a medicinal product. Everybody can experience it by themselves, and has to make their own decision.

  Vitamin-U is a white, water-soluble, crystalline dust. It is available in the box shown below; the box contains thrice ten blistered capsules.

The vitamin-U sometimes aggregates depending on the air moisture, but it doesn’t affect its quality and impact.

OÉTI ny. sz.: 3597/2008

  After it been observed the named molecule has been classified as a vitamin because of its attributes, and got the name vitamin-U. The following monitoring discovered it belongs to the methionins, but the name vitamin-U remained to this day.
The ulcers on the feet, caused by absence of insulin the vitamin-U heals scarless only if diabetes treated.


You can choose. You can eat three-five kilogram of cabbage daily, or you can take the 300 mg vitamin-U capsule. The effect is the same.

Vitamin-U is available from 01. September 2008 in herbarium and vitamin stores. From the fifteenth September it is also available in pharmacies, if it is ordered.  If you have any questions about vitamin-U, please feel free to ask. We will gladly answer you.


The exclusive Hungarian vendor: TRAWELLCO Bt. 

  Tel: (1)280-4496, mobil:06-30-9311-211

Where do you find the vitamin-U?

  In cabbage and sauerkraut. Hard to find an illness that can’t be cure with this natural medicine known for two thousand years. This vegetable is beloved stock of many national dishes, fresh, and pickled as well.

About three-five kilogram of cabbage contains three hundred milligram U-vitamin.

  The cabbage was a known vegetable in the ancient times, although they didn’t know that the cabbage and the vitamin-U it contains is the best preventive medicine against cancer. The cabbage contains potash, sulfur, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, iron, natrium, and vitamin-A, B, C. This combination – according to the folks tradition, physician and therapeutist opinions - lets the cabbage to be the best medicine for the digestive system and the stomach. Its purification effect is widely known and the U-vitamin containing detoxicates the liver.

The vitamin-U 300mg capsule is a chance for those not able to eat sauerkraut every day but want to keep their immune system at a top level. The vitamin capsules can’t replace the miscellaneous menu. It is very important because the human organism needs not only the vitamins, but the minerals, trace elements, and rare micro-cells for the perfect operation.